Oh no - what have you gotten yourself into?

It's OK, I've been looking for you.

Since you landed on my site,

chances are you too

are "level" 40 or higher in the game of life! Congratulations!

No matter what level (age) you're at -

Have you ever stopped to realize this could be the start

of the next 30, 40 or even 50 years!

It's time to design this next chapter exactly the way you've been dreaming about it.

Let's quench your thirst for

a Juicy Life - together!

Thirsty for More book

Too many of us suffer in silence & shame when our drinking has spiraled out of control. My goal with this book is to be the wake-up call YOU or someone you care about might need to make the decision to stop or take a break from drinking. After reading it, you cannot unlearn what's it's really doing to your mind & body. It's poison - period.

Alcohol destroys everything in your life - your face, your body, your goals, your relationships, your decisions, your choices, your self-love & your dreams.

Besides, another glass of wine is NOT what you're really thirsty for.

Time to take back control so you can get to the JUICY stuff!


MIDSPIRATION: inspiration for whatever your "mid" is -

midlife, mid-emptynest, mid-career change,

mid-divorce, mid-relocating, mid-downsizing, etc.

Let's redefine MIDLIFE - why can't the NEXT thought be "celebration" or "re-birthday" instead of crisis?!

We have challenges at EVERY life milestone - remember turning 30 - or 40? (my 40's were the worst!) or 50?

Is everything else downhill from there - are you getting ready for the end - or gearing up for a new beginning?

This time only feels like a "crisis" when we continue to ignore the dreams we've stuffed down for years.

Ooohhh here's where I shine if you need a little light:

"Your heart knows the way ~ run in that direction"



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