be the kind of person

that makes other people

want to up their game


I'm Marjorie

So happy you landed here ~

How's the middle part of YOUR story going?

As I started to maneuver “midlife” I refused to accept that I was "done" - that what I had in my life was all I get.

It also became crystal clear how restless and unfulfilled I felt.


The challenge is, I’ve never been satisfied with status-quo, average, comfortable or pretty good. The years may be passing by but I feel more energized & determined than ever! I also feel a responsibility to use my life experiences & wisdom to help shorten the path for others. I mean, I didn't go thru all THAT for nothing, right.

Neither did you. :))

I’ve discovered there’s a bunch of “us” out there

who feel like we’re in limbo (lost, directionless, confused, sad, bored, overwhelmed, alone, excited…) since turning 50 – or transitioning thru an empty-nest or divorce.

We ALL want to feel a sense of connection and contribution

& I have 2 areas of focus:

#1: help other women break free from the death-grip of alcohol (or whatever your big obstacle is) so you can get back in the game of life

#2: inspire other mid-lifers to squeeze all the juice out of an amazing 2nd chapter. (like me: if you look closely at the pix you'll see my readers on the left & a bowl of ice cream I'm trying to hide on the right while I snuggle with my girl ) #happyhour

Let’s work together to design the type of lives we WANT to live – instead of feeling stuck in the one we’re in.

XO Marjorie

Nothing much here-

I just like this picture :))

and it reminds me to

"feather my empty nest"

with peacock feathers!

(and golden retrievers)


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